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Country: USA
Sex: Female
Age: 36
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 132
Reason To Fast: Weight Loss
Intended Fasting Method: Juice Fasting
Intended Fasting Period: 8-14 days
Report Progress and Seek Support:

Hi I discovered your site through

I have done two 6-day juice fasts in the past two years. My last one was Oct 2010 and I couldn't seem to get past 6 days. To make matters worse this last time I binged so badly that I gained 10-12 lbs since October 2010! All last year I was working out regularly and maintained 119 lbs.

My ideal would be 104-110. It just seems my weight now does not want to budge from 130. I've been feeling hopeless and not motivated. That's why I am trying again with fasting. Today was my first day and I drank water until 8pm then sort of gave in. I had a large dinner. So tomorrow is another day and this time I will add green juice. I would love to juice for 10 days then switch to ESE.

My fear is that I might binge again and only last 5 days. Hopefully I can stick with it this time. Wish me luck!! Btw did you do any colon cleanse when you first fasted 4 years ago? Do you really think it's neccessary while juicing? Thanks for reading and you're my "thinspiration"!!! I am also Asian about your height and LOVE to eat!!

Posted date: February 9, 2011

Editor's Notes: Hi Yuna, Anna here. You story reminds me of my 17 years of suffering. I did what you did. I love eating and binged on food. For a long time, I know fasting is my ultimate rescurer but my biggest enemy was 'procrastination'. Your situation is better than mind. At least you are taking action.

Be dedicated, I'm sure you can make it.

My suggestions are: (1) Re-set an IF plan, move on progressively. (2) DO NOT THINK about food. This works very well especially when you keep yourself busy in doing a little of everything. (3)If hunger strikes, drink a large glass of juice or bottom line eat a bananna or fresh cucumber. These will fill your stomach and make you feel less hungry. Read more of my fasting tips in this website.

In my experience, shedding 20 pounds does not require prolong fasting. It will take about 3 months if you do ESE in conjunction with juice/water fasts. To answer your question, I didn't do colon cleansing as I didn't see a need. Good luck.

BTW, don't forget to update your progress and post your photos before and after. Simply use the form below.


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