Water Fasting Weight Loss
Your 24-Hour Fasting Guide

Does water help to loss weight? Yes. Water fasting weight loss is the quickest and result-guaranteed weight loss method. If you want to practice intermittent fasting to lose weight, you would need to do two days of either water fasting or juice fasting in a week.

Many people want to do fasting but fear to kick start. Don’t worry. We are not talking about prolong fasting. We are talking about short term fasting of 24 hours which is absolutely easy. However if you are new to this practice, please do manage it carefully.

I have been doing periodic water fasting in the past four years. I’m here to walk you through the steps to complete your first 24-hour water fasting.

What to Expect?
Depending on your particular body makeup, water fasting weight loss never goes below one pound per day. If you make it an on-going process like what I did, you’ll see steady drop in weight and a healthier you.

Though fasting help lose weight, water fasting does work better for those with slow metabolism. If you have fast metabolism, you might experience a little more discomfort than others. But you'll soon get better as you move on.

Benefits of Water Fasting and Digestive System
Your body, especially your digestive system would certainly love your water fasting.


It is just like going to sleep every night to rejuvenate our body for our next day’s activities. Think of our digestive system doing never-ending digestion work. Will it enjoy the opportunity to take a break and shift its focus to healing other organs that may be ill? Water fasting weight loss can give you tangible experience as to how your body reacts while you abstain from solid food.

I have personally experienced the dramatic improvement in my digestive system and overall health out of doing one-day water fasting in a regular manner, not to mention the steady weight loss and detoxification benefits.

Associated Health Benefits of Water Fasting Weight Loss
Fat tissue is burned during a water fast, as your body must rely exclusively on fat reserves to supply its energy needs during water fasting. Your body stores the bulk of incoming toxins in your fat reserves. As these reserves are burned for energy during a fast, any stored toxins will be released into your circulation, to be eliminated through various eliminative channels like your urine and respiratory tract.

More information about water fasting weight loss

General Water Fasting Weight Loss Tips
To begin with, I recommend your doing water fasting for a full 24-hour cycle once a week.

Try it out once and the success will increase your confidence and often lead you to venture out to twice a week or even more. In my case, I have been doing it averagely three or four times a week.

Pick a day for your first 24-hour cycle of not eating any solid food. For experienced fasters like me, I can fast on any day in any activities conditions. But for beginners, please pick a day when your schedule is least packed, with the least physical activities.

Water Quantity
Try to drink 2 litres of water or more per day. When hunger strikes, drink a large glass of water. If plain water is boring, add a few drops of lime juice or lemon juice.

Water Quality
Cool water help to loss weight better than warm.

Distilled water is the best for cleansing because of its inherent, magnetic properties and ability to absorb and suspend large quantities of toxins, flushing them from the body. Spring or filtered is also fine.

DO NOT drink water direct from the faucet. If you do so, you must need a good filtration system and change the filter regularly. Visit my friend Trish's website for more information about home water filters.

Mineral water is least preferred.

Recommended reading: Water Can Undermine Your Health by Dr. Norman Walker

Successful fasting has three stages: preparation, the actual fast, and breaking the fast.

Each one of these stages is important.


If it is your first time water fasting, it is very important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. The mental preparation is simple, but very important. It will call for your personal commitment to work towards a better life.

Make an agreement with yourself that you will not eat no matter how much hunger strikes.

In fact, the desire for food is more a mental need than a physical need. A good strategy is to avoid seeing, smelling and thinking of food.

As for physical preparation, your last meal before fasting should be just a normal meal. Over eating will only cause discomfort and the hunger pains will more than likely be stronger than they would otherwise.

Create Your Fasting Profile and seek support.


Begin Fasting: You can start by eating your last meal at 8PM and then go on fasting through 8PM the next evening.

On the fasting day, you don’t need to announce to the world that you are fasting. People who don’t understand what fasting is might discourage you.

Make yourself busy in doing little bits and piece, drawing your attention away from food. Try not to go to the pantry and do lunch hour social networking. As I said, the desire for food is more a mental need than a physical need. If you are looking to do water fasting for weight loss, I’m sure you have sufficient food surplus in your body.


Breaking the fast is important. Though breaking a 24-hour fast is no big deal, but if it is your first time in life fasting, you must do it with care. DO NOT break your fast with a full-course meal as it may cause stomach cramps. Allow a little time for your body to resume taking solid food.

Breaking a 24-hour water fast with fresh juice, fruits or green salad would be ideal. Be sure to use light dressing. Start with a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt will help flush out toxins from your digestive system.

Water Fasting Weight Loss for Longer Periods
When you do this one-day water fasting in a regular periodic manner, your body will get more and more familiar with this new eating habit, then the way you break fast can become more and more casual, such as in my case. For most of the time, I do dinner only and my meals are just regular meals. However for longer fasts like two days or more, you will have to break it with care. More tips about breaking a fast in sensible ways.

Water Fasting Weight Loss and Change of Lifestyle
Let’s be honest. If you successfully make water fasting weight loss your lifestyle, you would never have to worry about getting fat again. At the same time you will enjoy an energetic life while eating what you love to eat.

I’ve written this article to support one of my readers. Get more insight about A Day of Water Fasting in my everyday life.

Changing of lifestyle and eating habit cannot be done in a day, but if you are committed, you can do it! And I’m sure you’ll make fasting as natural as breathing, like many other fasters did.

Though you may experience some kind of discomfort at the beginning, but you'll soon overcome that little discomfort, enter a new life and a healthy life.

My Final Thoughts
Water fasting weight loss is not a turnkey project. It takes time. You need to allow time to produce the weight loss result that you want. It is result guaranteed. But you need to keep doing it in order to see results.

I was thinking to resume my three-meal day after my initial six-day fasting, but I didn’t. I love the feeling of eating less, either one meal or two meals a day. Hence I create this website to tell the world about benefits of fasting. More About My Fasting Experience

I would also encourage everyone to read the book 2 Meal Solution - You will learn the art of eating less and stay energetic and healthy.

Anna Astor
July 2010

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