Water Fasting to Lose Belly Fat

Water fasting to lose belly fat is a good and easy way to re-gain your ideal body shape.

Everyday millions of people around the world ask the same question: how to get rid of belly fat? Millions of people work hard towards their goal of losing belly fat, and millions of them fail everyday.

This article is meant to provide a simple and easy solution which works for all.

You may not aware that losing belly fat is a matter of 80/20 in terms of eating and exercising. In other words, you'll lose 80% of your belly fat through the way you eat; and your workout will do the rest 20%.

That said, even if you work very hard at the gym, but you keep eating junk food, your belly will follow you endlessly. However if you eat healthily, you don't really have to workout very hard and can still lose belly fat.

Without going too numeric or technical, I'm not going to count calories or food group to achieve a flat belly. Simply adjust your meal frequency will do. Easy enough? Wait. Does adjusting meal frequency really help lose belly fat? Yes, it does.

My suggestion is 'water fasting to lose belly fat'. But I’m not asking you to do any prolong fasts. Instead, short term fasts, even as short as 16 hours helps. Let me explain.

There are two approaches in losing belly fat by adjusting meal frequency.

Approach One: The One-Meal Approach

Approach Two: The Two-Meal Approach

Either you go for the one-meal or two-meal approach, you drink water ONLY apart from eating. Follow me? By doing so, my belly shrank 3 inches and I lost 20 pounds in total. Take a look at my two photos below.

The One-Meal Approach

It doesn’t mean eating one meal only everyday. However if you can do it twice a week (flexibly), that's enough. Let say you do dinner on Monday, you then drink water through Tuesday dinner. This is what I mean by water fasting to lose belly fat. Wouldn't this be doable? If you want to evaluate further on this one-meal approach, there is a book called Eat Stop Eat written by nutritionist Brad Pilon.

If eating one meal a day twice a week does not fit your lifestyle, let’s take a look at the 2-meal approach.

The Two-Meal Approach

The benefits of eating 2 meals per day are tremendous. Personally I have combined the one-meal and two-meal approach and achieved great results in losing belly fat. The 2 meal solution simply means a 16-hour fast everyday. For instance, you eat dinner at 8pm, you then fast through lunch of the following day at noon. In between meals, you drink water only. If you want to further evaluate the two-meal approach, there is a book called 2 Meal Solution written by fitness coach Mike O’Donnell.

NOTE: Eating one meal a day or two meals a day are ways of intermittent fasting (IF). IF has documented health benefits. Brad Pilon and Mike O’Donnell are the two most authoritative authors on the subject. They don’t only write about IF, they practice it and are helping others to do it. You may set aside an hour to go through their websites and gain further insights about IF.

Two Issues About Water Fasting

Though water fasting do help to lose weight and belly fat, there are two issues that you need to consider seriously before kicking start.

Allow time. There is no quick fix in losing belly fat. If you expect overnight results, don’t bother to waste time and effort, as it won’t happen. Allow three to six months and let your body do the work for you. You can enjoy long lasting results only if you allow your body to shed the fat gradually and naturally. If you want to take control of your health, re-gain your confidence, it certain worth your time.

Breakfast yes or no? Either you go for the 1 meal or 2 meal solution, you are going to omit breakfast, unless you opt to eat breakfast for the 1-meal plan. This may conflict with the eating habit that you’ve developed since childhood. Listen. We don’t sit and wish our belly fat away. We need to do something. Only those who are willing to adopt a change in eating habit will succeed in losing weight and losing belly fat. My suggested method of water fasting to lose belly fat requires no breakfast. But isn’t breakfast really a must? It is quite debatable. You may want to read this article and look at breakfast from a historical perspective: Old Wisdom on Daily Meal Frequency, Why are you Eating so much?

Benefits of Water Fasting to Lose Belly Fat

It works. If you are willing to change your eating habit and allow time, your fat belly will soon say good bye to you.

Eat what you love to eat. Some of my readers had been motivated by me to switch from alternate day fasting to a one-meal or two-meal plan. They like it because they are able to eat their favorite foods everyday.

Drink List for Water Fasting to Lose Belly Fat

Drink water, preferably distilled water. This should be your major source of hydration for at least the initial two weeks. Tea or fresh juices are fine. No alcoholic drinks, especially beer. The caloric content of beer is the culprit of many fat bellies. Have you heard of ‘beer belly’? Better quit drinking altogether.

Re-build Your Eating Habit to Rid Belly Fat

Develop a long term healthy eating habit around the 1-meal or 2-meal approach or both. I have been combining both in the past four years and enjoying the freedom of eating my favourite foods while losing weight. You may want to take a look at my fasting windows in my blog and get a better idea of how I combine the 1-meal and 2-meal approaches.

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