Lose Belly Fat Action Plan
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Lose belly fat is never easy, but absolutely doable. What you need is an effective fat burning plan and committed to it. Though many weight loss plans may produce weight loss results, they may not reduce your belly size specifically. So if you are aiming at losing belly fat, you would need a plan tailored to it. Here is one which I have personally used to shrink my belly by three inches in less than six months.

Lose Belly Fat Through Daily Life

  • Do you eat breakfast in the office?
  • Do you dial a lunch/dinner and work while eating?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you drink beer or any other alcoholic drinks?
  • Do you eat snacks while watching TV?

If you do, simply 'stop' and you will lay a good foundation to losing belly fat.

Lose Belly Fat Through Fasting

Fasting does not only help to lose weight, it reduces your belly size speedily. A water fast (or Juice fast) between three and seven days will help to reduce your belly by one inch or more. But that's just a beginning. However if you see good results at the beginning, it's gonna to be a very powerful motivation to go on the process. Fasting is the groundwork to start losing belly fat.

In case you are not familiar with fasting, read this short article about the history of fasting, and you'll know that it is not something new.

Lose Belly Fat Through Exercising While Fasting

Exercising while fasting

Skip breakfast and do one of these as soon as you wake up.

  • 20 minutes of calisthenics.
  • 20 minutes of jogging outside if possible, otherwise same-spot jogging at home. If it is boring, alternate with hula hoop.
  • Walk to work. If it is far away, park or get off a bus/train earlier than you need, and allow 20-30 minutes to walk to work.

Exercising in the morning before food is the best time in a day to burn fat as this will call upon your stored fat for energy. If you are under the factoid impression (from TV commercials or cereal companies) that breakfast is the single most important meal in a day and go on a big breakfast after your morning exercise, your effort is simply wasted. Start a day without breakfast is completely sensible and doable by almost any normal person. This article will tell you why: Old Wisdom on Daily Meal Frequency, Why are you Eating so much?

Lose Belly Fat Through Eating Healthy Foods

Eat fat burning foods and build a fat burning kitchen and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Avoid foods with high sugar/caffeine level. Increase fiber-rich unprocessed natural foods in your diets. To make it simple, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits everyday. Healthy foods maintain insulin levels and control blood sugar levels. Hunger is also controlled which means your belly fat will be burned quite quickly.

Here is a healthy eating plan to accomplish your long term fitness goal. It is also my personal eating plan. Feel free to check it out and get to know the effects of intermittent fasting on weight loss and losing belly fat.

Keep Belly Fat Off Permanently

If you want to keep your belly fat off permanently, you need to be consistent. I'm on this action plan the 5th year and my big belly had said good bye to me for good.

To lose belly fat, eating right and exercising regularly needs to become a habit, not just something to do when you feel bothered or when you "have the time." If your current schedule makes it difficult to find the time for exercise, change it. Get out of bed earlier; turn off the TV; don’t wast time on Facebook or online games.

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