Best Way To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. The best strategy is to eat less and exercise more. If you want to keep the pounds away permanently, you would also need to build a lifestyle around eating less and exercising more.

I would like to share with you some weight loss basics.

Set Realistic Goals. This is an important first step to weight loss. Use a BMI chart and determine a healthy weight for you. To reach your goal safely, plan to lose weight gradually. No matter you have 100 pounds to lose or just to shed 10-20 pounds, there must be a way to achieve your goal. However a healthy weight loss plan has to be realistic. Forget about quick, easy or lazy way of losing weight as there is no such thing in this world. You need to allow time and work towards it.

Change Your Eating Habits. Consider small but frequent meals, low calories, low fat, high fibre, and any other rules you feel happy to follow. Remember, the simpler the better. If it is complicate, you will give up before seeing results. Therefore eating small meals of various restrictions throughout the day may not fit in to your work/life schedule easily. Intermittent fasting is relatively simple and easy to follow. Just eat normal meals however less frequently. That way you have a good combination of all nutrients you need, and the food you love to eat.

Increase Your Physical Activity. A combination of reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity are non negotiable for the success of weight loss. Exercise does not have to be strenuous to be beneficial. Some studies show that short sessions of exercise several times a day are just as effective at burning calories and improving health as one long session. No time? Not a problem. No matter how little time you have, you can still workout if you follow suggestions from this article: Unique Lean-Body Workouts for Time-Crunched People

To lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight after weight loss, it would be ideal to do 30 minutes of moderate to intensive physical activity daily. Walking is an excellent form of physical activity that almost everyone can do. If you can’t make it daily, target for 3x30 per week.

Change Your Lifestyle. To be successful at losing weight and with lasting results, you need to change your lifestyle and not just go on a short term diet. This requires cutting back on the number of calories you eat by eating less and being more physically active and be persistent.

Summary. Sensible goals and expectations contribute greatly to the success of weight loss. If you have a eating and exercising plan that you enjoy, it will also increase your chances of success. Here is an article which I think everybody should read: How to Make Exercise Fun Again... it Won't Work if You Don't Enjoy it!

A lifestyle based on healthy eating and regular physical activity is the best way to lose weight permanently.

Develop A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Burn off 3,500 calories to loss one pound. Many of you may know that one pound of bodyweight is exactly 3,500 calories. That means your body have to burn off 3,500 calories in order to lose one pound of fat. To do this, there is no better way than eating less and exercising more.

No quick fix. The best way to lose weight is never quick and easy. There are some weight loss pills that can boost your metabolism but they are just supplements to your weight loss program - not the weight loss program itself. You need to have a plan and work hard to make the plan work for you. Permanent weight loss is about making subtle lifestyle changes that will change the way you look and feel, for the better.

PS: Water Fasting is a relatively fast track as you will lose at least one pound per day. However this is not meant for long term practice. Intermittent fasting is a more workable option.

Natural Health. The natural health trend is more likely to help you lose weight than the commercial solutions. Don't base your diet around any single ONE ingredient. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy variety of foods to make sure that you get all the essential nutrients that you need each day. Eat Less meal plans such as 2 Meal Solution or Eat Stop Eat is a simple strategy that you can easily apply to your year-round lifestyle. Using intermittent days to eat less and still enjoy foods you like while losing weight.

Conclusion. The best way to lose weight is to have the right game plan and a little motivation to execute your plan.

These articles will help you develop a healthy weight loss plan:

Which Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Personally, my best way to lose weight is intermittent fasting. Here are my personal fasting tips to help you kick start your own fasting weight loss program.

In fact there are many other options such as low fat diet, low carb diet, balanced nutrient diet, cleansing & detoxing, blood type diet. The Modern Diet Review will help you determine your right fit. Fill up the form below and get a free copy.

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