Fasting to Lose 20 Pounds
Key to Erase Knee Pain & Back Pain

Fasting to lose 20 pounds is the single ultimate solution for urgent dieters. If for any reason you need to shed 20 pounds in less than two weeks, go on a lemonade fasting diet.

You may have heard of Beyonce Knowles’ weight loss success story. She used a diet called the Master Cleanse diet (also known as the Lemonade Fasting diet) to lose 20 pounds quickly.

The Master Cleanse diet is basically a fasting diet where you eat no solid foods and... You have to drink 6-12 glasses of water mixed with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days which is a typical length of the diet.

Personally I don’t fancy celebrities’ weight loss because that could be too commercial. However the decades old lemonade fasting diet has documented health benefits and I have no doubt on its effectiveness.

Like many things in life, different people do the same thing with different results. Some succeed and some fail.

In the case of Beyonce, she quickly gained back all the weight she lost on the Master Cleanse diet and admitted she was very cranky while on the diet...So her case was successful and at the same time a failure. If you want a total success, you need to know more about the diet and do it in a right way.

The Master Cleanse diet was originally made for cleansing and detoxification of your body - the rapid weight loss is just a positive side effect. Today, no matter you are aiming for weight loss or cleansing, once you are on the Master Cleanse diet, you’ll gain all the health benefits altogether.

Fasting to Lose 20 Pounds - Erase Knee Pain and Back Pain

Robin Quivers also applied the Lemonade Fasting diet and lost a total of 70 pounds. More interesting to know, she said the regimen was responsible for erasing the joint pain and fatigue that had plagued her for more than a decade. This is an important message for anyone suffering from knee pain or joint pain.

A new study shows that for each pound of body weight lost, there is a 4-pound reduction in knee joint stress among overweight and obese people with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Researchers say the results indicate that even modest weight loss may significantly lighten the load on your joints.

What about back pain? Experts agree that losing weight successfully often results in partial or complete back pain relief. Dr. Andre Panagos, co-director of The Spine Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York notes, "although research on weight loss and back pain is minimal, in my clinic, every single person who loses a significant amount of weight finds their pain to be significantly improved."

If you are over weight and want to get rid of your knee pain or back pain, try to lose some weight as soon as possible.

Who Will Succeed in Fasting To Lose 20 Pounds?

It's true that in 10 days time, the Master Cleanse diet can help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, and cleanse your body of internal waste, boost your energy levels and get rid of the knee pain or back pain that you may have been suffering from.

If you want to try the Master Cleanse, there's more you need to know than just drinking the lemonade mixture for 10 days. In fact most people who try the Master Cleanse without knowing all the steps fail. You need to find out the common problems people face, and how to avoid them.

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