How To Lose Weight Fast
In Three Easy Ways

To lose weight fast is no secret. You need to burn more calories than you consume. There are many ways to make this happen. However to be successful, it all depend on how determined you are and how your weight loss plan fit into your work/life schedule. If your plan is easy to follow and one that you love and enjoy, you are likely to stay with it in longer term. If that’s the case, you don’t only lose weight, but will not get the extra fat again.

Let say you're determined and what you need now is a game plan. Take these three simple ways into action and you're on your way to lose weight fast.

3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

  1. Eat Less (Flush Out The Toxins)
    The best way to eat less is by fasting. I mean short term intermittent fasting. Go on a 24-hour water fast twice a week will give you fast weight loss results. To make it even faster, a one-week water fast (or juice fast) can reduce 10 pounds or more for most people.

    Another reason why fasting is the fastest way to start losing significant weight is due to its flushing out the toxins that clog up your colon and poison your body. Regular short term fasts keep your system clean and require less food to run and you won't feel hungry.

    Check out Eat Stop Eat which is your game plan to eat less and lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass.

  2. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (Restore Your Alkaline Balance)
    While you eat less in general to reduce calories intake, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to restore your body's alkaline balance. This is to attack your extra weight from the pH perspective apart from the calories aspect. With this two-sided sword, you are going to lose weight fast.

    Acidic residue caused by our imbalanced diet is responsible for many diseases and obesity. Most high protein foods have a higher acidity level than your body. So the body starts producing fat tissue to "glue" to the acidic molecules to try to resume a normal pH level. Once you start eating a more alkalizing diet, the body's need for fat decreases and you'll start losing weight.

    Alkaline fruits and vegetables speed up our metabolism process; eliminating unwanted substance in our body. Some of the easily available and inexpensive alkaline vegetables and fruits include radish, spinach, celery, broccoli; lemon and lime, apple, fig and date, all kinds of grapes, bananas and peaches.

  3. Regular Exercises (To Boost Your Metabolism)
    You don’t ‘think and become slim’. You need to take 'action'. It is non negotiable that you need to do exercises to burn your unwanted calories. You'll lose one pound by burning 3,500 calories.

    Here are the exercise strategies I have been sticking to and work well.

    Top Strategy to Exercise

    Skip breakfast and do 20 minutes of calisthenics at home. Best is to do it as soon as you wake up. This is the best time in a day to exercise and burn fat. Food releases insulin which blunts fat burning. When you wake insulin is at its lowest allowing the most fat to be burnt.

    It is extremely time saving, effective and inexpensive. If you want to lose weight fast, put this into action immediately. Short of ideas of what calisthenics to do? Here is a book I always refer to look for calisthenics ideas: Workout Without Weight

    Other Good Strategies to Exercise

    Keep walking. You rarely see fat restaurant waiters, because they walk enough. Walking 8,000 steps a day is a basic and that everybody can do. Consider walk to your office or walk to talk to your colleagues instead of making phone calls.

    Exercise as you enjoy. If you can't meet the walking quota, add some other activities that you enjoy. 8 minutes of hula hoop is as good as 8 minutes of jogging. No matter how busy you are or how little time you have, if you are determined to exercise everyday, you can do it. Here is an article telling you how: Absurd New Fat Loss Workouts for Time Crunched Individuals

Weight loss success demands your effort, action and commitment. Have these three elements ready and follow the three simple and easy ways here, you'll start to lose weight fast and not getting fat again.

I wish you every success.


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