I'm On Water Fasting Today...

by Anna
(Hong Kong)

Hi Kay
Have you kick start your fasting yet? I'm glad you've made up your mind towards building a slimmer and healthier you, congratulations.

I'm also glad to write this note to support your water fasting project. Actually I'm on water fasting today, though it is a 24-hour one. But this happens at least twice a week. Things go on as usual - work, workout...and others.

My work demand (in terms of speed and quality) as an executive assistant in a top notch executive search firm won't decrease because I'm fasting. And of course I won't stop exercising because I'm fasting. However the sun in Hong Kong is shinning severely in summer, I've therefore moved my swimming session to the evening, i.e. after work. I only had dinner after my 30-minutes daily swim.

I spent my lunch hour wandering a bit, just to exercise my legs and had my eyes relaxed. I don't and I seldom go to the pantry to do lunch hour social networking as that will make me see and smell food which I don't want to during my fasting day.

You may ask 'how can you survive on water only and deal with your hectic daily work and only eat after swimming in the evening?'

Well, water fasting (sometimes juices) has been part of my life in the past four years. If you make it emerge into your life and let your body get familiar with your fasting eating habit, everything can be possible. In fact, water fasting isn't something scary.

To be honest, my longest fasting period was six days. Over the course of my fasting days, I tried my best to stay calm and avoid stress. I think you should do the same.

Kay, if you are new to water fasting, my suggestion is BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN BREAKING FAST, especially when you are doing a two-week fast. Do come back to this website and check out for the guidelines.

You have my full support. I'm sure you'll shed pounds in these two weeks. Would love to hear from you of the number of pounds you've lost. Please do update your progress and let me know if any thing I can help.

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