Juice Fasting Day 2

by Yuna

Hi Anna!

Thanks for your reply. Today is my second day of fasting and I did green juice until 6pm. I made a nice vegetable soup for my kids and I couldn't resist. But hey, the way I look at it is I've only had 2 small meals in two days!! Before it would've been all or nothing and I would've just given up. So tomorrow is another day and I am hoping to include some weight training.

I still feel bloated and I'm hoping that will one day go away like you. It's a bit ridiculous but I'm actually having major lower back pains from it! So again thank you for all your support and 'thinspiration'!! I will send a photo soon!:)
(Feb 10, 2011)

Editor's notes: Hi Yuna, glad to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. In fact, bloating is occasionally bothering me. So I can only say I'm 90% recovered. I still have to avoid gas producing foods like onions, potatoes etc. Well, life is not perfect. I can't expect more. But fasting did offer me a better life.

Chinese New Year holidays were just over here in Hong Kong and I must confess that I did binge on food. However when I go back to work, resume my daily workout and fasting, my life go back to normal. I had one regular meal in two days (Feb 7-8, 2011) and I felt great. At least I didn't notice any weight gain after my crazy eating.

Keep going. You deserve to enjoy a better life through fasting. Look forward to seeing your photos.

Feb 10, 2011

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