ESE-ing now!

by Yuna

Hi Anna! Yuna here, just wanted to give you a quick update.

I am now doing ESE twice a week. I did go to Paris last week for 7 days and ate everyday. I ate so much everyday that when I came home I fasted for 30hours. I was sure I gained weight but when I weighed myself I still lost like 2lbs!! ESE works!

So I've been IFing for like a month now and have lost a total of 6lbs! I am still doing resistance training 3x a week . I realize how easy it is to get off track like when I was in Paris the more I ate the more I wanted to eat. But on the other hand the less you eat the less you want to eat, so it works both ways.

I just feel a whole lot better when there's less food in my system. I remember stuffing my face in Paris and feeling awful afterward, like I just got so moody and depressed. So with the ESE, I am slowly learning about by body too. And it likes to be not so full! :) less food=more happiness!!( for me anyways;)

I'll keep you posted...Yuna

Editor's notes: Hi Yuna, great to hear from you again. This is certainly one of the most encouraging comments I received about IF. It's true that we share the same experience: eat less, feel happier and less bloated. Eat a lot over holidays, resume IF and weight loss again. Keep going. Thought more people would want to try IF after reading your comment.


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