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Country: USA
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'
Weight: 180.6 lbs
Reason To Fast: Weight Loss
Intended Fasting Method: Juice Fasting
Intended Fasting Period: Over 21 Days

Report Progress and Seek Support: I am currently on my Day 8 and have lost 8.8lbs through my fast. I am planning on going all the way to Day 40. Any help will be appreciated.

Posted date: October 20, 2010

Editor's Notes: Rogene, welcome to my website. Your juice fasting works well. 8.8 pounds in 8 days is really good result. Can you share with us what kind of juice you enjoy most? And let us know more about your process? Looking at your height and weight, your BMI ratio is pretty normal. Is there any other reason for your juice fasting?


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