Down to 178

by Rogene Carter
(Orlando, FL )

I am doing the fast because I have been overweight for many years. I have culminatively lost over 78lbs and hope to keep loosing. I don't want to be on the high end near being overweight again. I also want to help heal my asthma and I can see now on the beginning of Day 12 that it has already come light years.

My favorite fruit juice is a mixture of black grapes, green grapes, concord crapes, and cranberries with a little ginger for taste.

My favorite vegetable juice is a mixture of carrot and cucumber. Delicious.

Editor's notes: Glad to know that your asthma is responding positively to fasting. In fact, a clean body is the key to health. Let go 78 pounds is not easy. You are so determined. Understand the way you don't want to be overweight again. Fasting got rid of my bloating problem and I never want to suffer the same problem again. Certainly you've made the right choice for your health.

I like berries also and of course ginger.

Is juice fasting your only way to lose weight? What kind of exercise do you do?


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