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Country: Kenya
Sex: Female
Age: 42
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 198 lbs
Reason To Fast: Weight Loss
Intended Fasting Method: Intermittent Fasting
Intended Fasting Period: 24-hours

Report Progress and Seek Support: I seek support and will report progress

Posted date: Janury 24, 2011

Editor's notes: Hi Njeri, Anna here. I must say you've quite a number of pounds to shed. But don't worry, you'll be there. All you need is time and patience. Keep up with 2 sessions of intermittent fasting per week. Have you a scale at home? If you, weigh yourself once a week and track the progress. I'll am sure you'll be happy with the result.

BTW, since you are going on intermittent fasting, I would encourage your reading Eat Stop Eat for more insights about IF.

All the best. And don't forget to report your progress and post some photos before and after.

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