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Country: USA

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 139 pounds

Reason To Fast: Weight Loss

Intended Fasting Method: Intermittent Fasting

Intended Fasting Period: 24 hours

Report Progress and Seek Support: Report Progress and Seek Support: Hey I am fimiliar about IF as we do it once a year for a month... But other than that particular month it's hard for me to concentrate on the fasting... I was 120lbs before I came to US and then I gained weight and now I am 139. I've been trying to lose this weight and it's been 5 months now... I'm unable to stick to fasting schedule and sometimes I over binge... I desperately want to lose these 20 pounds... Help me through it...

Posted date: April 25, 2011

Editor's Notes: Hi Momna, Anna here. Welcome on board our fasting community. As fasting is concerned, no matter how often you do it, doing it is better than not doing it. Fasting is not only a matter of eating, it is also something spiritual. It helps to overcome addictive behaviour. If you've gained too many pounds in a year, may consider two weeks of fasting every six months or one week per quarter.

As for myself, sometime I binge too. I'm a human being, so I just do anything anybody will do. If you've read this post in my blog, you may know that I'm extremely disciplined on weekdays and unorganised on weekends. That way I still get a good balance in life.

I notice many readers gain weight when they move to the USA. I understand that, becasue the size of a hamburger there is the size of three hamburgers here in Hong Kong. So it is easy to binge, even you don't tend to. May be more sessions of fasting may help.


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