Fasting To Overcome Binge

by Momna
(New York)

Thanks for the support... I came to US about 3 years ago from Pakistan... I was normally skinny there regardless my big body structure...

In US during fasting month I usually lose significant amount of weight, but I have never been below 130 lbs... While fasting I am committed and can't break the fast from morning till dawn... I eat less and lose weight easily... But after it is over I am back to my regular routine of not fasting anymore and gain weight...

I am a college student... My problem is I crave a lot, even when I am not hungry... Sometimes due to study reasons I stay up all night and I binge through out night and day... I have recently joined gym to tone up a bit... I am a pear shape so all the fat is around my thighs and trust me it looks hidious sometimes...

I start fasting and do it for a couple of days and then fall back to binging routine... Like today I ate 5 medium cheese Danish even though I had 2 meals already and I was full... I never say 'no' to food which is my problem I just can't stop myself...

Editor's notes: Momna, your story is a little sad, especially hearing about your 'pear shape'. I was thinking your fasting is a religious practice. If you can be committed for one whole month, I'm sure you can be committed to one week or even one day.

I personally don't have any religion background, but I know and I'm sure, that religion had made a lot of 'impossible' things happen. In Hong Kong, people suffering from drug addiction or insomnia failed 100 times with all kinds of curative methods and finally succeeded with religious support. Fasting is not only a matter of eating, it is also a spiritual thing. Be committed, and I'm sure your 'pear shape' will soon gone.

Also you may not realise - fitness and weight loss - all begin and end in the kitchen. Gym can help a little, but what you eat contributes the majority. To stay fit, you need to really control your appetite.

You may want to post a recent photo and make comparisons along your fasting journey. This is one way to motivate yourself.

If there is a will, there is a way!


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