Fasting For Health
A Life Time Exercise to Keep Fit

Fasting for health is a life time exercise which I have been doing to keep fit and to look and feel good. But why waited 17 years to start? Here is my story.

My Fasting For Health Motivation
Back in 1989 when I started feeling unable to eat, I thought I might be having some serious illness. I went on body checks, seeing gastroenterology specialists, doing stomach endoscopy, seeing dietitians and whoever I thought could give me a hand.

After all, I was confirmed to have no ulcer, no cancer and nothing had noticeably gone wrong. I have therefore diagnosed myself as digestive problems due to slow metabolism.

This process was a little lengthy but well worth. I suggest you do the same to rule out any potential illness before initiating any nutritional program. But DON’T do the same as to wait for 17 years to take action. I suggest your starting a fasting program immediately if yours is simply a matter of digestive problems.

Compulsive Eating
The way I ate was somehow compulsive in nature - eating on time - regardless I was hungry or not. I didn’t take action to cure my indigestion pain because I love eating. Every morning when the sun rises, when I’m still in bed, the first thing come to my mind is ‘what to eat’. I just don’t want to give up eating though at some stage I realize fasting is my ultimate rescuer. I just can’t imagine how I survived through these 17 painful years.

In March 2006, my tummy was like a blown up balloon. One evening after a social dinner which I really didn’t want to go because my stomach was just about to explode. After dinner, I couldn’t explain how uneasy I felt. I told myself “Anna, it’s time to do something”. So I took a photo for myself and kicked off my juice fasting the following day.

Why Juice Fasting?
I went for juice fasting rather than water fasting because juice offered me sweetness, vitamin and glucose. I replaced my lunch and dinner with a cup of juice and drank water through rest of the day.

Why Six Days?
Some people go on prolong water fasting like 21 days, but that’s usually for master cleanse and detox. If you are fasting for health, I would say a one-week juice fasting is a good start to lose some weight and to correct any indigestion problem. It doesn’t matter if it is five, six or seven days. Of course you won’t stop after breaking fast.

Fasting for health is in fact a life time exercise to keep fit.

I strongly encourage your developing flexible short term intermittent fasting as your life habit in order to stay fit, look good and feel good. Below is a list of the health benefits I have achieved over the past four years of fasting.

Summary of Benefits of My Fasting For Health Lifestyle

  • Bloating relieve. Though it is still bothering me occasionally, but I feel far better than before.

  • Natural weight loss. This does not only came naturally but fast. I lost six pounds in the first week and progressively a total of 20 pounds in eight months.

  • Improved mental clarity. I do audio typing quite a lot at work. Though I look like a fossil while typing and listening, I am completely aware of what’s going on around me and when I pick up a phone call, I manage to immediately switch my mind.

  • Improved workout performance. I do lunch hour swimming on weekdays. I’m not an Olympic swimmer, but I recon my speed had improved.

  • More energy. I used to feel tired most of the time. After I started doing daily workout plus intermittent fasting at a later stage, my energy level was greatly improved. Now I can swim without food before and after.

  • Improved appearance. My fat belly said ‘good bye’ to me. I used to wear a tight underwear in order to fit into my beautiful night gown but not now.

  • Food tastes better. When I had no food for a period of 24 hours, I really enjoy and respect each meal. I’m amazed that food tastes much better than before when I routinely fed myself three meals a day.

  • Overcome Compulsive Eating. Now the clock no more takes control of my eating schedule. My body need does. This is a great feeling.

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