Benefits of Lemon Juice
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Benefits of Lemon Juice

Want to find out the benefits of Lemon Juice? I have some quick facts here for you.

Talking about color rotation in our juicing for weight loss program, my primary suggestion is the 5-Green Juice. Lemon Juice is my priority in terms of the yellow series.

Due to its acidity nature, few people would consume lemon juice without dilution. Hence what we drink is more often lemon water. Lemon and water are both so inexpensive and easily available, making it an ideal juice fasting recipe.

NOTE: To obtain the maximum health benefits of lemon juice, do not only drink on your juice fasting day. You can actually drink it everyday or as often as you wish.

Major Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Weight Loss

A glass of fresh cool lemon water first in the morning can stimulate the system and instigate weight loss.

Healthy Digestion

This is one of the top benefits of lemon juice that I’ve enjoyed. Our liver produces bile. The bile is used to aid in digestion. Lemon stimulates the liver to produce additional bile. As a result, drinking lemon water can help to stimulate digestion by activating the stomach digestive juices. This can help to alleviate symptoms of indigestion, bloating and associated discomfort. You can even squeeze a small amount of lemon into a glass of water with each meal to promote healthy digestion.


Drinking plenty of cool water mixed with fresh lemon juice can flush toxins from the body keeping the system cleansed and healthy.

Rich in Vitamin C - Healthy Skin

Ladies should love this benefit most. Vitamin C builds up our body's immunity. This vitamin helps promote natural healing within our body and replacement of many different cells. Lemon juice is very rich in Vitamin C. As a result, drinking lemon juice can give us healthier skin, decrease our chances of infections and even help wounds heal faster.

Rich in Calcium – Increased Energy

Our body needs calcium to build bone density and sustain a healthy nervous system. Lemon juice is high in calcium. Our teeth, bones and central nervous system all benefit from drinking lemon juice.

Calcium provides our body with energy as well. If you are low on energy, drinking a glass of lemon juice is a natural way to increase energy without sodium, sugar or caffeine.

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Lemon Juice Recipe

In fact, you can make lemon juice according to your personal taste. In general, if you are in good health and weigh less than 150 pounds, half a lemon a day mixed with purified water will be ideal. If you weigh over 150 pounds, use one lemon a day.

To help your body get the energy from the food you are eating, drink lemon water regularly. Next to drinking plain purified water, drinking lemon water daily is the most important thing you can do for your health.

Buy A Sweet Lemon

Sweet lemon? Right. Some lemons are more sweet than others. A rule of thumb for selecting a lemon that is both sweet and high in mineral content, is to pick one that has a high specific gravity measurement and is heavy for its size. By comparing equal-sized fruit, the one with the greatest weight will have the most mineral content and sugar. A thick skinned lemon will not be as heavy as a thin skinned lemon and will not have the desired sweetness or mineral content.

The method I use to ensure the purchase of sweet lemons is to look at the stem end of the lemon. There are two ends on the lemon. One end has a point where the blossom started to grow; the other end has a stem or a dimple where the stem used to be located. On the stem end of a highly mineralized, sweet lemon, you will see little lines radiating out of the stem like sunbeams. These little lines can look like a star shaped structure and is called a calyx. The calyx may have three, four, five or more points to the star. The greater the number of points on the calyx, the higher the mineral content of the lemon. (Excerption from Idaho Observer)

Drinking Lemon Juice Everyday

As there are numerous health benefits of lemon juice, do not limit yourself to drinking it only on your juice fasting day. Drinking plenty of water is important in a healthy system, and adding a little lemon can improve the effects of proper hydration even more. Make it part of your daily routine to drink a glass of cool lemon water in the morning and then open your gateway to enjoy its health benefits.

Be sure to look for fresh organic lemons for a daily body weight control, detox and cleanse.

NOTE: Green vegetable juices are great to start a juice fasting morning, same as lemon water. Feel free to alternate between the two.

The Lemonade Fasting Diet

While many of us love lemon for its fragrance and refreshing feel, have you ever imagined that it will change our lives? In deed, it will. A Lemonade Fasting Diet, aka The Master Cleanse, is responsible for weight loss and many other health benefits. Many describe it as a life transformation exercise where they enjoy new and better lives after going through it.

Beyonce Knowles, David Blaine, Billy Bob Thornton, Robin Quivers and other celebrities all praise "The Lemonade Diet" for everything from weight loss to detox and restoring their energy and healthy eating habits.

Personally I don’t fancy celebrity weight loss. Most of their success stories are too commercial. However as someone with fasting weight loss success experience, I had no doubt on the Lemonade Fasting Diet.

NOTE: I don't encourage your encountering the Master Cleanse before finding out the exact steps of doing it. Though it has lots of health benefits, it is not easy. Some people can't even do it for one day. If you do want to give it a try, visit the Master Cleanse Secrets website to find out more about the typical 10-day exercise.

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