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Carrot Juice

The major health benefits of carrot juice are weight loss, good vision, constipation relief, antioxidant and many others. It is easily available and greatly inexpensive, making it an ideal ingredient for juice fasting.

Pure carrot juice is a very low calorie juice drink. Eight fluid ounces of the beverage yields usually no more then 80 calories. Carrot juice is an excellent nutritional supplement for dieters, providing you with a rich supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Let’s take a look at the different health benefits of carrot juice along with some juicing suggestions. As different people like different tastes, some may find carrot juice sweet and delicious and some may find it bland. We can mix it with other fruit or vegetable juices not only to please our taste buds but to further strengthen the health benefits of carrot juice.

On your juice fasting day, simply replace one meal with a glass of carrot juice and mix it with any other fruit or vegetable juices of your own choice. I’m sure you won’t feel hungry.

Best Alkaline Food To Detoxify The Blood

In fact, fruit and vegetable are superb examples of alkaline foods, and carrots, and carrot juice are one of the best. Because of its alkaline nature, carrot juice is very effective in curing the diseases caused by increased acidity in the tissue fluids. It detoxifies the blood and cures many ailments caused by impure blood.

Here's a short list of some of the acidic foods we have in our normal diet, and that by cutting back on them will help us all lose weight - sugar, sugar based products like biscuits, chocolate, cakes and pastries, meat, custard, jellies and jams.

Carrot Juice and Weight Loss

To strengthen weight loss effects, you can add celery while juicing the carrots. This will help decrease the sweetness of the carrot juice. Carrot juice is best ingested in the afternoon because of the burst of energy that always follows. This also makes it an ideal juice on your juice fasting day.

Constipation Relief, Good Vision and Vitamin A

One of the greatest health benefits of carrot juice is its richness in Vitamin A which is essential in maintaining good vision.

Spinach is also very rich in Vitamin A. Adding 50 grams of spinach juice to 250 grams of carrot juice makes a tasty mega beverage. You may also add a few drops of lemon juice, but no salt. This drink is very effective for the treatment of constipation. Many health specialists also believe that this drink helps to refresh your mind, calm down and improve your sleep.

Antioxidant and Vitamin C

Carrot juice is rich in Vitamin C. A glass of 8-ounce of carrot juice provide your body with 35% of your daily recommended dosage. Vitamin C is important to our entire body, such as collagen production of the mucous membranes, skin, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is also a very crucial antioxidant.

A few carrots juiced with blackcurrant berries, oranges, lemons, or kiwi, can easily provide you with your whole daily Vitamin C dosage, without the need to take synthetic vitamins supplements.

Preparing Carrots for Juicing


To capture the maximum benefits of carrot juice, it is ideally using those with the most carotene. It is fortunate that the pro vitamin (carotene) is strongly colored and because of this, good colored carrots are likely to be the best nutritionally.

Avoid "baby carrots" as they are less rich in carotene. Also make sure you use the whole carrot and only trim off the ends. Please make sure you don’t take off their skins, where most of the goodness lies. Make sure you drink it as soon as possible as it tastes best when fresh.

Normally I don’t recommend storage to prevent loss of vitamin and oxidation. However carrot juice can be stored in the refrigerator for a short period. Because carotene is not water soluble, but is fat soluble, there is not a very great deterioration in the vitamin content on storage. However carrot juice should be kept in glass jars once made and covered with screw-on lids. Consume within same day would be fine.

  • Wash fresh, whole carrots. Trim off the ends.
  • Following instructions for your model, push carrots through juicer, catching juice in cup as directed.
  • Clean pulp from strainer as you go along, if necessary.
  • Drink juice immediately as it tastes best when fresh

For weight loss – add celery
For constipation – add spinach
For antioxidant – add blackcurrant berries, oranges, lemons, or kiwi

Do not drink carrot juice with alcoholic drinks. It will stimulate toxin production within the liver.

Carrot Juice with Ginger Recipe

From my private kitchen, I use this simplest and easiest way to keep warm in winter days.


One big carrot, one apple, 15cc of honey
A few slices of raw ginger, quantity depends on your personal taste


  • Clean carrot, do not peel, trim both ends
  • Clean apple, seeded, do not peel
  • Clean ginger, peel and slice
  • Put all ingredients in a juicer, do not add water.
  • Add honey before drinking.

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