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Country: USA

Sex: Female

Age: 51

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 258 lbs

Reason To Fast: Health

Intended Fasting Method: Juice Fasting

Intended Fasting Period: Over 21 Days

Report Progress and Seek Support: I'm so happy to have found your website. It's very informative and has helped me address many of my concerns about juice fasting.

Yes I want to lose weight, but this is for health & spiritual reasons. I have back and knee issues that have rendered me at times on all fours.

I started 2 days ago and am intending to juice cleanse for 60 days. Strangely enough, when I weighed myself this morning I was 8.5 pounds down. Is that too much?

I'm drinking about 50 oz(s) of vegetable and some fruit juice per day. I'm also drinking a lot of water.

I'm having some headaches, but they aren't so bad. I'm also feeling a little weak at times and I've had chills. I'm feeling better today though.

I'd love your support and the support of the juicing community.

Many, many thanks,

Posted date: April 25, 2011

Editor's Notes: Hi Suzanne, Anna here. Though fasting enables weight loss speedily but it varies. Usually people with fast metabolism lose weight much faster than those with slow metabolism. But 8.5 in two days seems quite a lot. Don't worry. It will slow dow.

I don't have the experience of a prolong fasting. But some kind of discomfort at the beginning is quite normal. It shouldn't bother you after a week or so. If that continues, may be good to consult a doctor. Your way of drinking lots of vegetable/fruit juice and water is really good. Just want to make sure you make the FRESH juice yourself and not any of the bottled drinks.

Also, please be very careful about breaking a fast after a prolong fasting.

Suzanne, as you are on juice fasting, you may want to visit my friend Sara's website Juicing For Health to gain further insight.


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