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Country: USA

Sex: Female

Age: 42

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 248 lbs

Reason To Fast: Weight Loss

Intended Fasting Method: Alternate Day Fasting

Intended Fasting Period: Over 21 Days

Report Progress and Seek Support: I am obese...flat out.

Everyone around me has been making excuses for me so I've begun making them for myself: I gained weight because I had kids (9yrs ago) or I quit smoking or I'm happily married and my spouse accepts me as I am...and the greatest excuse of all....why should I deny myself the things I like just to please others.

Truth is...I'm a binge eater and that led to 100 lbs of fat that is killing me slowly. I know what I have to do but every avenue I turned down, someone told me that fasting was unhealthy & that I should base my weight loss on my daily calorie intake. I think I've intook enough calories that my body could energize a small mexican village. Thank you for this site and for the support to walk this path.

Posted date: May 2, 2011

Editor's Notes: Roberta, Hi, Anna here. Glad to hear from you and welcome to our row of fasting. People who told you that fasting is unhealthy probably had never fasted. So it's great that you seek support from us, as we know fasting works and it works well. Like you, I binge, occasionally. The good thing is I'm quite disciplined on weekdays though a little messy on weekends. Well, there is nothing wrong being 'naughty' sometimes. Fasting is not only a matter of eating, it's one way to take control of our lives. If you are committed to yourself, I'm sure you will do a good job. Now you've just kicked start for a better living. Do let us know your results after the 21 days of ADF.

ADF is good to shed pounds quickly but as a long-term weight control, you may consider to switch to IF.

Post some photos here to record your progress. This could be a good way of motivation too. Good luck.


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