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Country: Venezuela
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 76.1 kg
Reason To Fast: Weight Loss
Intended Fasting Method: Alternate Day Fasting
Intended Fasting Period: 24 hours

Report Progress and Seek Support: Good progress, my first day in ADF was -1 kg and -2 cm of belly.

Before (during about a month), I was doing 16/8 schema, after 18/6, and this Friday I decide 24 hours of fasting (breaking the fasting with a dinner), and 18/6 fasting the other day.

Very clean food with a 1 liter of milk daily (2% skim), to get enough calcium and vitamin D. Other foods: salads, sardines, a little of extra virgin olive oil, clean red meat, an apple, special K with 12 vitamins and minerals (to get enough calories to meet my maintenance level, because I do bodybuilding).

Supplements: Centrum (with my first meal in the day), Vit. C + zinc + Calcium + Vit. D when I awake in the morning, with black coffee (about 2 or 3 black coffee cups daily).

Posted date: October 4, 2010

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Alternate Day Fasting and Daily Black Coffee Not rated yet
Your Alternate Day Fasting has a very good start - 1kg and 2cm of belly - that's really amazing. Congratulations. Your idea of having clean food …

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