Learn to Lose Weight Naturally

Looking for ways to lose weight naturally? You may have come across hundreds of secrets, tips, rules and tons of do’s and don’t’s before landing on this page.

As someone who has gone through these time consuming searches, my first advice is ‘stop searching’. Take a look at the IF Life website. If you’re not happy with their answers to natural weight loss, then start searching the internet again.

The IF Lifestyle is Your Passport to Lose Weight Naturally

IF simply stand for Intermittent Fasting, Intensity Fitness and Instant Freedom, according to Mike O’Donnell, author of The IF Life and the ebook 2 Meal Solution.

About Intermittent Fasting and A Two-Meal Plan

IF Life You may not believe a solution as simple as eating two meals a day is your answer to lose weight naturally. I’m a live example of such. My eating habit is basically one meal or two meals a day – a typical IF lifestyle – and I lose weight naturally and successfully.

My suggestion is to go to Mike's site and do some research to see if a 2-meal day makes sense to you. If it does, give it a try…if it looks impossible for you then continue to search and read the loads of weight loss tips, secrets and rules…. Intermittent Fasting works extremely well for a lot of people and has documented health benefits if done properly.

Mike O'Donnell, the Man Behind 2 Meal Solution

Mike quitted his well paying corporate job to venture into his passion for wanting to help people get better health and fitness. He has been a certified personal trainer for about a decade. I came to know him because I have been following his blog and learn a lot about IF. He has recently re-designed his outstanding "IF Life" blog and re-named it “2 Meal Solution”. Set a couple hours aside…I’m sure you are going to love his site!

Reading Mike’s site, you’ll be inspired by his real passion in helping others to stay healthy and fit. Personally I’m completely impressed by his mission to provide simple and natural ways to improve our weight loss, fitness, health and lifestyle. Here is his website: 2 Meal Solution

How to Lose Weight Naturally – Tips, Secrets, Rules, Dos and Donts…

If I show you a long list of my findings about natural weight loss, you’ll find many of them are misleading or contradicting. So I have decided to short list 10 of the most common tips/secrets… and share with you my personal views. Bear in mind I’m someone with a weight loss success story, you may want to hear my 2 cents.

1. Track Your BMR | Track What You Eat | Track What You Do
Count every calorie in and out. This is going to make us extremely busy. Unless you really enjoy dealing with numbers and statistics, I’m sure you’ll give up your tracking pretty soon. In fact, I do track what I eat, but not in a numeric way. I do it in an enjoyable way. Here is my Food Blog.

2. Eat 3 Apples a Day
Apples fill your stomach and make you feel full. This is one way to enable your eating less. Sounds workable, but you need to really enjoy eating apples.

3. Drink at Least 8 Glasses a Day
This promotes filling your stomach with water, so you cannot eat much. Again, this is surrounding the idea of ‘eating less’. But it may not work for people like me as I may have to move my office to the toilet. My experience is to keep hydrated at a comfortable level.

4. Take Your Breakfast
“According to a study, those who don’t take their breakfast are more likely to overweight than those who took it.” I’m sure there are fat people and slim people in this world who have a habit of eating breakfast. Personally I used to be overweight and now become very slim, but I don’t eat breakfast most of the time. What has ‘eating breakfast’ to do with weight loss? Read this blog post regarding my ‘no breakfast is good breakfast’ lifestyle.

5. Eat 6 Small Meals
Does 3,000 calories being divided into 6 small meals of 500 each still 3,000 calories? Try this only if you enjoy preparing and cooking all those small meals and keep eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

6. Healthy Snacks
“Eating healthier snacks can actually make you want to eat less.” Again, this actually promotes ‘eating less’. Why not ‘no snacks’ at all? IF is the simplest and most natural way of ‘eating less’.

7. More Cooking and Less Eating Out
The best cooking methods are grilling or steaming boil as they require less oil. Yes, this is worth considering. But you need to mind the cooking oil that you use. Here is an article for your reference: Unhealthy vs Healthy Cooking Oils

8. Overcome Emotional Pressure
Unstable emotion such as stress and anxiety are frequently made or cause you to eat a lot. This may be true though some people may stop eating or do something unusual/abnormal when under extreme stress.

9. Sleep Well for Six to Eight Hours Per Night
Yes, this is a good way to heal from the stress of the day. Does everyone need to sleep well, whether they want to lose weight or not?

10. Exercise in Any Way That Feels Good to You
Agree absolutely. However If you are aiming to lose weight naturally through exercising, your workout plan has to pair up with an eating plan. In terms of natural weight loss, your kitchen is going to contribute more than your gym. You may want to visit my blog and get some insights about my exercising while fasting.

Enjoy Eating Less

Amazingly, many of the weight loss tips are focusing on ‘eat less’. Surely you won’t go wrong if you could find an enjoyable way to EAT LESS over the long run (not just hour to hour), then you will also keep it up. Consistency leads to lasting results and that “vacation ready” body. It doesn’t have to be unenjoyable and restrictive to work.

Small Changes – Great Results

Weight loss is no magic. To lose weight naturally, make a few small changes to your lifestyle. This can save you the expense of fads, while giving you the benefit of making a lasting life change.

If you’ve taken my advice of visiting The IF Life website, you may be inspired by losing weight through a simple lifestyle. Although the steps are relatively simple, completing them is challenging and requires effort on your part. Do make a commitment to yourself and Jump Start Your Own Simple Eating and Lean Lifestyle and start to lose weight naturally.