List of Fasting Diets

Looking for fasting diets suggestions to kick start your weight loss program? You’ve come to the right place. Congratulations! You’ve certainly made the right choice and at the beginning to a transformation journey for a new and healthy life.

Fasting is by far the easiest way to lose weight. It is simple, natural and healthy. If you manage it well, you don’t have to worry about overweight ever again in your life.

I’m here to share with you some of the fasting diets that have been proven to work.

There are two categories of fasting programs here.

For Self-Starters – If you are able to follow instructions out of your own motivation, then most fasting diets will work for you.

For Coached Fasters – In order to secure your fasting success, there are fasting programs that will hold your hands, walk you through every single step and give you support when needed.

Go through the list below and pick a fasting diet that would most likely fit into your lifestyle. My suggestion is to get a better understanding of the program before you start. The websites I list here are going to provide in-depth information on each of the fasting diets.



A 10-day Lemonade Diet is ideal for urgent dieters who for any reason need to shed pounds in a short period. But it is not just that.

The Lemonade Diet is also referred as the Master Cleanse which can help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, cleanse your body of internal waste, and boost your energy levels in 10 days but...

You may be saying "if it was easy everyone would be doing it". Right, most people don't last 1 day on the master cleanse BUT don’t give up now. There are ways to make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet much more DOABLE. Click here to read this important letter to see if it's right for you.


If you are a Holistic Dieter willing to change your lifestyle to experience weight loss and embrace overall health and wellness, intermittent fasting is your ideal option.

It may be a little daunting if you have not fasted before. However if you ever find out what short term Intermittent Fasting (IF) is about, you may change your mind completely. IF is nothing about hunger, starvation, headache or lack of energy. I must say there is no other weight loss method easier than this. You are simply eating everyday. Of course you may feel a little uneasy if you’ve been eating a minimum of three meals a day throughout your life. But you’ll simply love this way of eating as you see results after a few fasts.

There are many options in doing it. The most popular intermittent fasting diets being Eat Stop Eat.

Eat Stop Eat – Created by Brad Pilon, a nutritionist. If you are able to fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week, you simply lose weight without much effort. However you will never need to go on an entire day without eating if you follow Brad’s guidelines.

One way of doing it is having dinner on day 1, fast through dinner of day 2. This method allows you to get the benefits of fasting without the need to stop eating for an entire day. Also you don’t need to limit your choice of food. Simply eat as usual. Visit Brad’s website for more details.


The concept of using fresh, alkaline, antioxidant rich juice fasting as an aid and elixir of health has been used for over 7,000 years and is a time tested and scientifically proven method for restoring health and vitality, as well as shedding pounds… SUPER FAST!

If you’ve been reading my website, you may aware that my fasting journey began with a 6-day juice fasting. As someone without any fasting experience and guidance, I managed to lose 6 pounds in 6 days. In fact, juice fasting is the fastest & healthiest way to get lasting results, but you would need some guidelines to follow through. If you are serious about living a healthy and vibrant life once and for all, click here to learn more about Juice fasting.


You may want to do water fasting for weight loss but fear to kick start. Don’t worry. We are not talking about prolong fasting. If you are employing a 1-meal short term intermittent fasting approach, you just do water fasting for a period of 24 hours once or twice a week. Does this sound doable? I’m sure it is. And it is absolutely easy. However if you are new to this practice, please do manage it carefully and read through my water fasting guidelines.

NOTE: As water is vitally important to all of us, I strongly encourage your reading these two books, regardless you are doing water fasting or not:

Water Can Undermine Your Health by Dr. Norman Walker

Build Your Own Water Filter - In 3 Easy Steps!


Designed by retired kidney specialist Dr. John Daugirdas. It involves one day of normal eating alternating with one day of very light eating where dieters consume around 300-400 calories.

Among all fasting diets, this is a fairly extreme approach as it requires a great deal of determination on the part of the dieter. However you may appreciate the freedom of being able to eat normally every other day without sacrificing the calorie reduction and rate of weight loss that occurs with other diets. The QOD Diet: Eating Well Every Other Day has a detailed description of this fasting diet.


NOTE: There is another very popular diet written by Jon Benson called The Every Other Day Diet (also known as the EODD Diet) – which espouses a similar concept to the diet reviewed above. The EODD Diet has experienced a surge in popularity. It is not a scam but is written by a legitimate and successful author.

If fasting doesn’t seem to fit your personality in any way, EODD is the replacement weight loss plan I highly recommend. However if you are able to incorporate the EODD way of eating into your intermittent fasting program, you’re going to lose weight in full speed.



If you would like someone to hold your hands and walk through your fasting journey, I’m going to introduce Robert Johnson and his website Robert’s fasting program is called FastingOlogy which is a Life Transforming, Step-by-Step Fasting for Weight Loss & Detoxification Program... Here is what Robert says: "All You Need Is One Day of Fasting Per Week, and In Just A Month - You Can Start Seeing A Thinner You and Be On Your Way To Dramatic Improvements in Your Health & Vitality."

Like me, Rob has saved and changed his life through fasting. Hence he is eager and passionate in helping others to do the same. What I suggest is to go through Rob’s website, study his background and learn more about fasting before joining his 9-month coached fasting program.


Here is one of the most enjoyable fasting diets – go on a fasting holiday. You’ll be under intensive supervision through various fasting retreats.

Ideally, one should fast twice a year, preferably once in the Spring and once in the Fall. If you can discipline yourself to do it at home, fantastic! Many people like to treat themselves to a health vacation, where they get away from the stresses of regular life and all that surrounds them, and retreat to a place of peace, quiet and beauty. There are health retreats offering sanctuary to those wishing to relax, release toxins, rebuild, refresh and totally recharge their energy levels.

Visit these websites according to the region you want to visit:

The Americas: Andreas Hotel & Spa - Palm Springs, CA. Choose any of their 6-day fresh juice fasting programs.

Europe: Moinhos Velhos - Algarve coast of Portugual. Supervised juice fasting programs between 7 and 14 days.

Asia: Health Oasis – Koh Samui, Thailand. Here you will find coached fasting and detoxing programs from 5 days to 10 days. In fact, Koh Samui has many fasting resorts.

List of fasting weight loss resorts

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