Benefits of Daily Workout At Home
Find Out The Magic of this Life-Changing Exercise

Daily Workout At Home - Part One
The Magic of A Daily Workout Program At Home

The two articles here were originally posted at my blog Intermittent Fasting Success Report.

The Magic of Daily Morning Exercises
Apart from fasting, my other health secret is calisthenics – a daily workout at home program. I have been doing it everyday first thing in the morning since 1987. You may not see the power or the magic of such a workout program until you do it. I am now 53 but I must admit that I am far healthier than when I was 23. Daily calisthenics had changed my life. Here is my story.

Road to Daily Calisthenics
Some 20+ years ago (around 1987), I was badly weak. Half of the money I made went to my doctor. I caught a flu every other week, had nosebleed regularly and I was always feeling tired. My doctor told me to do some daily workout at home in the morning for 20 minutes and that should be able to improve my health condition. Of course I didn’t give it a single thought. As I was only 30, I thought morning exercises were only for old and retired people. It was about the 10th time my doctor gave me the same advice before I gave it a little consideration.

Red Cross Gave Me a Hand
At that time Red Cross had a mobile station downstairs my office building and I used to give blood. At some stage they refused my donation because I did not meet their requirement. Indeed, they needed blood from healthy people whom were not subjected to any medication three weeks ahead of the donation. For a period of almost a year, I kept refused by Red Cross for the same reason. I was really shamed.

The ‘Magic’ Decision
One day after seeing my doctor and receiving the same advice of doing morning daily workout at home, I made up my mind and gave it a try. I was thinking I couldn’t get any worse and I had nothing to lose. I was only required to wake up 20 minutes earlier in the morning and did some simple exercises at home without any apparatus. Even if it didn’t work out, I lose only 20 minutes of sleep everyday which was no big deal. However if that worked, it would greatly improve my life quality. I am glad that I made that decision. Because of this, something like a magic happened.

Gap of Two Years
The next time I saw my doctor, he had a graceful smile on his face and said “Anna, you have a two-year gap on your record card. What happened? Did you migrate?”

I said “No, doctor, I took your advice and have been doing daily workout at home every morning. That should have caused the gap.” Not until I did it, I never realize the power or better say the magic of morning exercises. My health had since then greatly improved; didn’t need to see my doctor regularly and of course saved a lot of money on medical expenses. And because of this magic, daily morning calisthenics has been part of my life since 1987 through now.

Daily – Morning – Calisthenics – At Home
I have couple of rules to stick to: Do it first thing in the morning daily for 20 minutes. This is also my advice to whoever wants to do something to improve their health. If you only do it once a week or irregularly, you may not see the results significantly. There are other benefits of doing calisthenics at home. I don’t have to sign on expensive gym membership and as I am doing it with my pyjamas, I even save money in buying beautiful sports wear.

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Intermittent Fasting Success Report - Daily Calisthenics – Daily Workout At Home (March 30, 2010)

Daily Workout At Home - Part Two
My Daily Calisthenics Routine

You may wonder how a daily workout at home could impact on your life. Here’s my true story.

I start my day by 20 minutes of calisthenics over the past 20+ years. This has critically improved my health condition. Because of this I have been spreading this message and many people copied the idea came back with positive feedback. Now let me practically talk about what I actually do in those 20 minutes.

To start with, my doctor suggested same-spot jogging. That was the easiest. Once I got off the bed I could start doing it even with my pajamas. But that was absolutely boring. I then bought a twist board. I even went on some Chinese kung fu classes to learn about some Shaolin basic breathing exercises. Throughout the years, I kept changing and tried to give myself some new exercises to do. Until later in my life, my neck and shoulder pain began, my physiotherapist designed some exercises for me which I incorporated into my morning 20 minutes. These occupy about 10 minutes but I still need something to do for the other 10 minutes.

Frankly I am not quite creative in thinking of what kind of calisthenics to do. So I start to look for help. During an internet search, I come across an ebook called Workout Without Weight. It is all about a Progression System over 190 detailed exercise descriptions with over 250 classified into Upper Body, Trunk and Lower Body exercises and sub categorized into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. No matter what, I’m always on the basic category – due to my neck and shoulder pain and foot problem, I try not to over exercise myself. Doing those exercises on rotation, I save a lot of effort in figuring out my daily workout at home every morning.

However I realize I haven’t made full use of the book. The book was actually written to help you setting up your progressive plan for fat burning, weight loss and muscle building. The beauty of such plan is that you can do every exercise at home without any equipment, saving money on expensive gym memberships and sports wears. All that is required is 20 to 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Trust if I have made full use of the book, I should look and feel much better than now.

Source: Intermittent Fasting Success Report (May 4, 2010)

Have you tried daily workout at home every morning? It works!