Accidental Weight Loss
Would You Want Losing Weight Accidentally?

Accidental Weight Loss is by courtesy of John Barban MS

If you stop and think about how many people you know who have gained weight in the past year, or the past 5 years you can probably name quite a few people. You might even be one of them.

Now think of all the people you know who have lost weight over the past year, or the past 5 years…

It’s probably a lot less people. I’m sure there are many people who couldn’t even name one person they know who has lost weight, and I guarantee the number is far lower than the number of people you know who have gained weight.

The point is that nowadays the norm is to gain weight, and the exception is to lose weight. This makes weight loss rare. And if you can do it you will be one of the select few individuals who have managed to do something that almost nobody else can do.

Gaining weight seems to happen to us completely without our awareness. It’s very easy to overeat at social events, holidays, special occasions, long weekends, heck just sitting in front of the TV and snacking too much can do it. And getting to the gym on a consistent basis is a challenge for most people too. So there is no shortage of weight gaining events that we’re faced with on a daily basis.

But what about random weight loss events? There doesn’t seem to be too many occasions that cause random weight loss. Can you even think of one?

I’ve thought of three.

  1. Maybe getting the flu, when you lose your appetite for a few days.
  2. Getting dental work when you can only drink from a straw for a few days.
  3. Going through a traumatic emotional event like a bad break up and that leaves you distraught and with no appetite.

These are the only events I can think of that cause random unplanned weight loss, and all three of them are very rare and none of them are comfortable. In fact they all suck.

Waiting to get into one of these situations isn’t a great way to lose weight. I personally would rather follow an eating style that causes weight loss with minimal effort (and without the dental work or a traumatic emotional event!)

For me the only way that I have found to lose weight that seems literally unconscious is Eat Stop Eat. By just adding in this one change to your eating pattern you can start losing weight as if by accident.

The closer you can get your weight loss eating routine to automatic the better it will work. If you’re dieting and it feel like ‘work’ then odds are you’re going to give up on it sooner or later. The less it feels like work and the more it feels like it is just happening the more sustainable it is.

This is the real key to lasting weight loss and this is why Eat Stop Eat works so well. It’s as close to accidental weight loss as you’ll ever get. Give it a try and see if you can ‘accidentally’ lose weight today.

John Barban MS

PS: John Barban is the author of The Modern Diet Review. He has given me permission to give my readers a free download of his ebook. Right click the above link and choose 'save target as'. Enjoy reading.