Why 2 Meals A Day is Healthier Than 6?

Why is eating 2 meals a day healthier than multiple small meals? Let me explain the benefits of a two-meal plan.

To lose weight and strengthen metabolism, there are two contrasting approaches. One is fasting - reduce in meal frequency and food quantity. One is increased meal frequency but food quantity remains unchanged. Nowadays more “health experts” encourage people to go for the small meals approach. I doubt how many of them are doing what they encourage others to do.

As my website or blog reader, you would know that I’m someone who do what I encourage others to do – fasting for weight loss.

If you have never fasted before, fasting may sound scary in the first instance. How about eating 2 meals a day? Would this sound doable? Eating 2 meals a day is in fact one way of intermittent fasting. I have been on this eating style for many years. If you want to hear more about intermittent fasting and how 2 meals a day contributes to my health, stay with me.

Reviewing my food diary and take any two weeks for example, I had five days on one meal and two days on two meals in week one. For week two, I had three days on one meal and four days on two meals. I am basically eating everyday with my fasting window ranging from 14 to 24 hours and occasionally 30 hours.

Does this meal frequency sound feasible to you? Some of my readers had been motivated by me to switch from alternate day fasting to a one-meal or two-meal plan. They like it because they are able to eat their favorite foods everyday and at the same time lose weight.

Who Should Consider Eating 2 Meals A Day?

Please understand…I am not saying that you should adapt to this way of eating all of the time. I do it in an unplanned natural way. If I feel I need food…I eat. This doesn’t happen overnight. I take some time to build this eating habit. Please don't eat this way until you have a deep understanding of the diet.

Fact is, if you want to lose weight but are not prepared to change your eating habit in one way or another, your chance of success could be limited.

Build A 2-Meal Habit

I’m someone who has the experience of changing habit to achieve weight loss. Hence I know it’s true that the habit of choice can change life. So if there is a book which can help people change and build healthy habits, I’m more than eager to recommend.

I’ve recently come across a book called "THINK! and Lose Weight" to help anyone to develop and sustain the proper mindset to lose weight and keep it off, regardless of the diet program being followed. The book is based on the principles of two of the greatest self-help books ever written - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

It's a chapter from the new THINK! book

It's about the Habit of Choice and it's my favorite section. I want you to have it for free and I hope it helps you.

My Major Benefits of Eating 2 Meals A Day

  1. Maintain absolutely stable weight, putting the lie to the idea that you need to "count calories' to keep weight off.
  2. Be able to really enjoy the taste of food.
  3. A healthy digestive system made me feel happier in a way I have better appetite and healthier without the problem of bloating.
  4. Sleep well, wake up feeling fresh and energetic. I exercise in the early morning fasting state and strengthen my metabolism which in turn meaning better health. Obviously I’m the one who takes the least sick leave in the office. Not even a day in the past three years.
  5. A simple but more productive life - save money and time on cooking.

What About Six Small Meals A Day?

A day full of 6x or 10x small meals is totally unproductive.

If you are serious about weight loss and have researched on the topic, I’m sure you've come across the idea of eating at least 6 meals throughout the day. Eating small frequent meals along with snacks constantly is one of the most recent trends in the nutrition world. If you've been following this trend, you may not have realized how damaging it can be to your digestive system.

Assume you won’t wake up in the midnight and eat, and you eat every two hours during the day. Your day is full of eating and eating-related activities – thinking/ buying/ preparing/ cooking of what to eat and cleaning the kitchen. You may have a domestic helper to do the rest and you do only the eating part. What about your stomach?

You are keeping your stomach working all day without a rest. Don’t you go on a holiday while you feel tired? Why can’t you permit your digestive system a period of rest?