1 Meal or 2 Meals a Day - So Far So Good

by Patricia

I have been fasting at least 18 hrs per day. I stop eating at 6PM and don't eat again until noon or sometimes 3PM. I'm eating two meals per day and sometimes just one. It is going well. I am watching my calories too, which helps, and exercising when I can.

My weight went up and down (135-130) for the first few weeks but now it is stable at 130. Finally. It is taking longer than I had hoped but I will stick with it until I lose at least 5 more. I don't want to do any long fasts so I will just have to be patient. I can tell it is working. I guess slow change is for the best anyway.


Hi Patricia
Good going. It seems you've developed a way that you like. It is important that you eat in a way that you feel comfortable. And this is the only way you will stay with it to achieve long term benefits.

Down 5 pounds is a good start. Be patient. Shedding 10 pounds with IF is absolutely possible and you'll be there soon. I would suggest to weigh yourself once a week to track the difference. It may not be necessary to weight everyday.

Good luck and keep going.


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