Question on Fasting and Enemas

by Ann

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your comments and well wishes. I have been doing some more reading on fasting lately, and I keep seeing recommendation for enemas. Not all sites promote these, however. Some places emphasize the importance and even necessity of enemas in fasting, while others condemn them as unnatural and even hurtful. I am so confused. Also, they sound highly unpleasant, and I would rather not ever have to perform them. I may even decide against fasting if enemas are absolutely necessary. Do you have any advice regarding this?

Thanks again for your response.


Hi Ann
You are right. Informative over the internet are confusing. Sometimes it's difficult to tell who's right and who's wrong. Many have a strategy that what you believe is right and what you don't believe is wrong. Personally, 'simple' and 'natural' are my mottos in life. If you agree with me, then anything simple and natural should be right. In that sense, I certainly don't go for enemas. Fasting is a simple and natural way to keep your body clean and function well. Some people do fasting however adding vitamins, the water. Also I don't see a need to do so. Keep it simple, drink water and juice while fasting.

Hope you are doing well. I just completed a 30-hour fast and had a dinner of normal portion after my evening swim after work. I would say a 30/40-hour fast per month is a good exercise for cleansing. Enemas? Not for me!


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