Finishing Day 4 of Juice Fasting

by Ann

Hi Anna!

I have to say, your answer to my enema question was quite a relief! :) I was rather horrified by the whole idea, and I'm sure I would have just given up on fasting if they were necessary. Moreover, I agree with you; my instinct tells me that it's better to keep things natural, and enemas definitely do not sound natural!

So, to give you a little update, I'm finishing up my fourth day of juice/water fasting. I decided to water/tea fast on Thursday (yesterday) because I don't have class (I'm a grad student) and wasn't really hungry that day. Near evening though, my legs started to feel really sore, and they felt really heavy when I walked. I had to stay up pretty late, and when I finally went to bed, I felt slightly out of breath. I took this as a sign to go back to juice fasting the next day (I had to go to school too, so I needed a little more energy). The soreness in my legs disappeared almost right after my cup of carrot/apple juice! Have you ever had symptoms like that while you were fasting?

This morning, I was down to 124.6 lbs, and I feel lighter too. :) I'm thinking about combining juice fast with occasional fruits/veggies. I guess it's more like a raw diet than a fast, but schoolwork is getting heavy (it always does near the end!), and I'm not sure if I'll be able to last 15 days on just water, tea, and juice. :/

Thanks again for your responses. You've been a great support, and I'll keep updating. :)


Hi Ann
Great to hear about your progress which is pretty good - app 1 lb per day.

Yes I did had a bit of uneasy feeling at the beginning such as lack of energy. Believe me, the more fasts you do, the less the negative feelings will bother you. Your school work is as heavy as my office work. I can manage to workout in a fasted state, so can you. But don't hurry. I have been fasting for several years. As a beginner, you may need to do a few more fasts in order for your body to get familiar with your new life. Not long from now, you'll see the fasting freedom in life. That time you'll be able to eat and workout freely while losing or keeping a stable body weight and at the same time feeling energetic.

Unless you need to shed pounds for any time sensitive reasons, I don't think you need to insist on the 15 days of fasting. I think your weight is quite ideal for the time being.

Good luck and look forward to hearing from you again!


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